Living vicariously through myself . . .


Me: "So, here's our family, recreated in a more awesome fashion, courtesy of Sims 2."

Adam: "Mom's hair doesn't look right."

Me: "Yeah, I know, but doesn't Dad look insanely realistic?"

Adam: "Yeah, he does. Wow, our house is sweet!"

Me: "I know, right? I made a replica of our actual house, but it's more fun to live in a three-story mansion. The rest is pretty realistic, though. Except the part where Mom and Dad are sluts. Who know how to cook."

Adam: "Where am I?"

Me: "You're at work. And no, you don't have a girlfriend. You spend most of your day playing video games or gaining logic skill points."

Adam: "Wow, I'm a loser in the Sims, too. That sucks."

Me: "Yup. But I'm going steady with Frodo Baggins. Clearly, that is best part of this game."