May Must Might


Who's up for a bulleted list of my favorite moments from May? Just the one guy with the mustard stain on his shirt? High-five.

  • Witnessing a heated a debate among friends about calculators. "Get a real calculator." "It does fractions!"
  • Imagining Cooley tumbling out of bed every morning and exclaiming, "Tadaaaaaaa!" to any onlookers.
  • Pimp showing up to the party with Jones soda and Munchkin.
  • Freeze pops. Even the piña colada flavored ones. Especially those ones?
  • Everything about Portal 2.
  • Everything about having a Steam account and suddenly being able to talk to people about games again.
  • Doctor Who.
  • Doctor Who.
  • No really, Doctor Who has become an official obsession. I love it. I love that I can talk to my favorite people about it. Love, love, love.
  • Favorite people! I saw so many of them this month!
  • "Earmuffse are cool."
  • Signing up for a book club of sorts, organized by Ashley.
  • Receiving two great books from Pimp and finding more friends on Goodreads and borrowing a book from gRegor and blah blah literacy!
  • Laughing about that "Tadaaaaaaa!" thing for thirty minutes straight (sorry, throat and lungs!) after eating too many freeze pops (sorry, tummy!) one night.

June, you have a tough act to follow. Except when it comes to weather. Let's see some sunshine!