Awesomer and Insanerer


Moments after I finished writing yesterday's post, I realized that June could quite easily tie with May as favorite month of 2011 so far. "Um. Why is June going to be awesomer than Club*? 'Cause I mean Club. Right? Right?!" Well, Pimp and anyone else who asked that question, not awesomer. Equal amounts of awesome.

Obviously, the only thing that could possibly rank side-by-side with Club, Doctor Who, and an extra large helping of inside jokes is—drumroll please!—Lord of the Rings!

I realize that I just wrote about Lord of the Rings stuff like ten seconds ago, but there is more! This is the best year for Lord of the Rings fans since last year!

  • Fathom Events is hosting a three-week marathon of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies in theaters across America. Watch The Fellowship of the Ring on June 14, The Two Towers on June 21, and The Return of the King on June 28.
  • The extended editions of the movies are also available on Blu-ray! Well, almost. Pre-order them from Warner Bros., or spend all of July crying because you didn't.
  • If you live in the Chicago-ish area, then you should already know about Ravinia. This summer's concert line-up was already going to be amazing, but then I saw something that took my breath away. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is playing the soundtrack to The Fellowship of the Ring. Live. While the movie plays on screens throughout the lawn area and in the pavilion. Can you imagine? I am already jittery. JITTERY. I will probably be bouncing up and down for the entire show. (Sorry, family members who are going to be stuck sitting with me!) This isn't happening until August, but you should know about it now.

So there you have it. June is going to be amazing. Unsubscribe now if you don't want to read about my adventures on Cloud Nine or if pictures of me salivating over Elijah Wood make you uncomfortable.

*I feel like I explain "Club" a lot, but I also feel like I don't explain it enough. Basically, while I was in school in Texas, I met the best boys I've ever met, and they all lived on a dorm floor called Club. My loyalty to these Clubbers is fierce, and I will love them forever. The end!