More Socks and More Monkeys


I need a name for my sock monkey. When I posted pictures of him on Flickr a few days ago, I realized that I hadn't ever figured out what to call him. I asked for some feedback on one of the pictures, and here are the suggested names thus far:

  • Monkeysocks
  • Ned
  • Finnigan
  • Feety McWarmerson
  • Ralph

I'm partial to "Ned" and "Finnigan" right now, but I need your help. For reference (and because I can't stop staring at his cute little face), here are two pictures of Sir Nameless:

Crack Barrel Does Two Things Well | Flickr
Sock Monkeys <3 Rachelskirts | Flickr

Alright, so what's your vote? Do you have a better name to suggest? Bonus points if you come up with a sweet story to explain how he found his way to a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky.