Speaking of Target . . .


I've had enough spare time this week to get several projects done. I could've read through the infinite number of entries piling up on my Google Reader account. I could've laundered the mountains of dirty clothes on my floor. I could've re-designed the church bulletin. (Oh wait! I did!) I could've eaten my weight in chocolate.

Instead, I have spent untold hours watching Dan and Amber on YouTube. Both of them are talented singers, but American Idol is proof that there are plenty of people out there with vocal skills. What makes these two different is how cute and hilarious and real they are. Every time I watch the following video, I want to adopt Dan and Amber as my new BFFs. If I was rich, I'd bribe them to agree to this plan.

I just file through all of the videos of Amber singing and laugh and cry and laugh some more. Then, I realize it's 11:58 p.m. and I have two minutes to post something before I officially become a Blog365 loser. So yeah, all those crappy posts this past week? Blame YouTube.