More Talk of Cat Ladies


Some great comments have been made this week about the whole cat lady thing. I'd like to expound on a few of them now.

The only thing you forgot is to use some of that fine china for the kitties. A little saucer of milk at each of the other empty place settings. Yay for cat ladies! Elizabeth Marie in response to this entry

Excellent point. I plan to watch The Aristocats and Fancy Feast commercials for further inspiration on how to best pamper the cats when it comes time to feed them.

Funny, because I always thought a crazy cat lady ate frozen tv dinners or ordered takeout every night . . . —Angela in response to this entry

This was what originally stumped me when I was dreaming up what a cat lady should eat. I debated in my head between the fine china cat lady and the TV dinners cat lady. I prefer to imagine myself as the former, but I think it would be foolish to ignore the reality of the latter. I think what we're really dealing with here is two different classes of cat ladies. The first is lonely, wealthy, and surrounded by plump cats who are well-fed and well-groomed and possibly may have had careers acting in commercials. The second is poor, unwashed, and spends her time telling her malnourished cats to pipe down so she can hear Jeopardy on her miniature black-and-white television.

The lower-class cat ladies are the ones who end up getting busted on an episode of COPS. That is not my goal in life.

probably would also be a good idea to start brushing up on your "st. olaf stories" ala rose nyland on the golden girls. just a thought. ;) —bigskygirl in reference to this entry

I'm not sure why I never thought of that before, but this is absolutely spot-on advice. Once I finish brushing up on The Aristocats and Fancy Feast commercials, I will sit down with the world's largest cheesecake and work my way through every episode of The Golden Girls. Gosh dang, I love that show.