My Dad Is Pretty Cool, Too


I know I just told you about my awesome brother like five seconds ago, but my family members seem to be having a competition for who can be the coolest (and dorkiest) human being ever to exist. My dad? He called me into his study a few hours ago.

"Rach, do you have a sec?"

"Mmf... Sure." (Really, I had a buttload of work to do. But hey, when your family's on a roll, work can wait.)

"So, I don't know if you play this game or not, but it's a pretty cool Star Wars game. It has all these fun cheats, too. Like, see here? I can pull up the Death Star. You'd think that'd be the most destructive thing in the game. But do you want to know what the most feared thing is in the entire game? Watch this. It's a killer Ewok!!"

I love my family.