Open a Door, Save a Life


Yesterday's entry reminded me of all the times I have smashed my face in a door waiting for some guy to open it for me. Or worse, all the times I've hovered awkwardly next to a door, waiting for the nearby male to remember how to pull a handle.

I didn't have that problem until I went away to school, attending a university with a 7:1 guy-to-girl ratio. Most of the guys were nerds, and most of the girls were snapped up within minutes of setting foot on campus. That left me and the one other single girl on campus with approximately 3,000 sweet-as-pie nerd boys who 1) were constantly in awe of girls and wanting to do nice things for them and 2) were raised well by their mommas. I don't think I ever opened a door for myself at that university unless I was going to the bathroom or was meandering about in a girls' dorm building.

Now, I am back home. I don't ever see boys my age, especially since Cute Tuesday Boy disappeared. On the rare occasion I do see a boy, it's one of those "Have you SEEN my face? It's dreamy. I don't need to impress you with niceness, nor do I really even need to acknowledge your existence" types. (All the nerd boys up here must be inside, building robots or playing WoW or both.)

Anyway, if you ever see me in real life, don't be surprised if I seem to have a real knack for smacking into doors. In fact, you should probably bring a camera. I need more faceplant videos on YouTube.

P.S. Guys, open doors for girls. No excuses.