No Cheese Curds This Time


The family and I are leaving this morning for a weekend get-away to Milwaukee. Apparently, this is super funny to everyone we know. My pastor asked yesterday, "So, you going with your parents on this exotic adventure to . . . [dramatic pause] . . . MILWAUKEE?" And then he burst forth in childish giggles.

"Hey, they have a jazz fest this weekend!" I proclaimed. "And the state fair! And museums and dinner cruises and theatrical productions!" The chuckles continued. Another man poked his head into the church office and joined in on the teasing.

"You guys should visit a brewery while you're there," he suggested playfully. My pastor laughed even harder.

My mom added, "Actually, someone told us we should stop by the Kohler factory. Where they make faucets. Now how is that supposed to be fun?"

I responded, "Clearly, you need to hit up the brewery first. That way, everything is fun."

Nothing I have ever said has made my pastor laugh that hard. I felt a little proud of myself, really. I mean, I guess he did get out some pretty good guffaws when he was making fun of my "scandalous" photo collage, but I try to repress that memory.

Anyway, I apologize to any Wisconsin readers for any upcoming jokes about your state in the next few days. Once you have the mental image of someone donning a cheese wedge on his head, it's really hard to take Wisconsin seriously. However, I really am looking forward to going to the jazz festival today and touring Lake Michigan and all the other great activities we have planned. Oh, and I hear our hotel room is going to make us want to stay for the rest of eternity. (Fancy robes and slippers and expensive bath products! Plasma TVs! Beds that don't smell of sin and decay!)

I think the most exciting part of this trek is the idea that we may pick up a puppy on the way home. Our Border Collie passed away a few months ago, and my parents are now anxious to get a new dog. While my cats are probably not too thrilled at the prospect of a furry bundle of ZOMG! ENERGY! THROW A FRISBEE AT ME! running around, I'm kinda looking forward to having something to take with me on walks. Plus, how can you resist a face like this?

Puppy Face
Puppy Face | Kate Elliot @ Flickr

I don't see any way to walk away from something that looks like that, so I recommend that you start thinking of names while we're gone. (Rule #1: Not Johnny Depth.) Meanwhile, I guess I have some packing to do.