Revenge for all those years of incessant tattling.


I only have one sibling. His name is Adam. He is two years, six months, and twenty days younger than I am, which currently makes him the age of nineteen. I got paid by my parents to go see the new Harry Potter movie a week ago on opening night with Adam, presumably because he didn't have time to find an actual friend to go with him. I just flat-out don't have any friends in the area, so this was pretty much a charity case in one regard or another.

As I was busy savoring this charity sundae with its pity cherry on top, fate decided to step in to give me a warm, fuzzy hug. She told me that funny things were coming my way. Hoo boy, was she right.

It turns out that my brother has been elected by his coworkers to dress up as Harry Potter on Friday night for the release of the new Harry Potter book. We spent four hours yesterday tracking down the components of the actual outfit. The bookstore where he works actually sells the wand, so all he needs is to dye his hair a bit darker and to draw on the scar with some make-up before I can rightfully fall on the floor, rolling around in fits of glee and laughter.

This will totally make up for the fact that he came into my room yesterday (donning most of his Harry Potter costume) and told me to Google "Daniel Radcliffe nude," because Heaven knows that therapy alone will not save me from that moment.

P.S. I added a disclosure policy to the site to let everyone know that I make a grand total of $2 or so every year by running ads on this blog. Once in a blue moon, I write a sponsored post, too, but only for great sites or services that I would've written about for free. A link to this information can be found at the bottom of most any page of this site.

P.P.S. Yes, I will most definitely try to score some pictures of my brother in all his nerdy glory. Apparently, while he's on the job, he's supposed to pose with children and/or adults like he's Santa or the Easter Bunny. Maybe I can gather a posse to go torture him further. Teehee!