Run, Skirts, Run!


I'm at that point where my whole life is revolving around work. I wake up and fret about it in the shower. I talk about it on the way to work with my mom. I whine about it on the way home from work with my mom. On the weekends, work rants dominate our conversations. I can't ever seem to get away, so I'm doing what I do best . . .

I'm running away.

More specifically, I'm flying to Tay-hoss at the end of May. One of my bestest friends, Sexy Beast, is getting commissioned into the Marines on May 23, and he invited me to the ceremony. Hopefully, I'll return with wonderful stories and dreamy sighs and something to say here other than "Please kidnap me." In fact, I have one hawt cuddle session planned, as well as one hawt make-out session, and there have even been rumblings of a threesome.

Now if I could just bring all my friends back with me in my suitcase, then I'd really be a happy girl. Well, and once I get Pats over here to hook me up with Elijah Wood.

P.S. Okay, so I do work at a church, which therefore makes the whole slut thing not at all an option. It is, however, really funny to imagine anyone from my church stumbling across this entry and shrieking "Heathen!" like a banshee.

P.P.S. The very fact that I would be amused by someone else's horror strongly indicates that I really shouldn't ever come back from this vacation. The church is much better off without me.

P.P.P.S. If you ever come across a banshee that screams, "Heathen!" please let me know. That would make for one awesome pet.