Sadly, things only went downhill from here.


I'm sorry, but that last entry isn't really complete without a picture from that era. Here I am with my friend, Sarah, prepping for another day of swooning over Matt.

Twin Day
Twin Day | Flickr

This picture is particularly fantastic because it was taken on Twin Day. More specifically, it was the most dramatic Twin Day of my life. I chose to have over twelve inches of hair removed from my head in order to more fully match Sarah. That is why my hair is in such a unique triangle shape. It was poofing out in rebellion against my first haircut of my entire life. (Why yes, I still have the ponytail in my closet somewhere. Ew?) That is also why I was allowed to ditch my Harry Caray glasses for a day and why she and I are dressed alike.

Now, why we chose to dress alike in these outfits? That's one of the top ten questions I'll be asking myself when I invent a time machine.