Second Generation Nerd


My dad has been a computer programmer for well over twenty-five years now. I don't always realize what an effect this has had on my life, but tonight, I surveyed my room and saw that I am indeed my father's daughter.

  • I spent a good portion of this weekend lounging about in a S1 IT Solutions sweatshirt.
  • My Linux t-shirts outnumber all of my other t-shirts combined.
  • I have more Red Hat pens that I can count.
  • The ten most recently purchased books in my room are from O'Reilly, with the exception of one new Dilbert book and The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide.
  • A startling percentage of my office supplies are from HP, Red Hat, or IBM.

Thankfully, I've managed to retain some individuality. In fact, there are several things on my desk alone that I can guarantee my father does not have.

  • That titanium spork.
  • Five pairs of earrings and three headbands.
  • The leftover dinosaur stickers that weren't used to decorate my mother's birthday card.
  • Some of the most gorgeous little swirly Post-It notes ever to exist.
  • That one Post-It note that says "Elijah Wood" and is covered with heart doodles.

I'll be the first to admit, though, that the "lots of stuff on the desk" thing is directly inherited from my dad. But, seeing that I wouldn't be alive without him, I suppose I'll have to let that slide. At least I didn't get the "drive five miles under the speed limit" gene.