Embarrassing Skirts Trivia, Vol. Three


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My first kiss was unceremoniously stolen from me by one of my classmates during my senior year of high school. He and I were supposed to watch a movie with a friend at his house. His parents were out of town. I was invited over an hour earlier than our friend. It was so awkward that I still can't bring myself to tell you the whole story. Let me just say that I had my mouth closed for a reason, Mr. Slobberpants.

To add to the cringe factor, I wasn't kissed again until my sophomore year of college. That kiss turned into a four-day make-out session with my best friend, who ceased being my best friend shortly thereafter. Adding insult to injury, I realized tonight that the television was showing Samurai Champloo (an anime series) in the background the whole time. We only paused to install my copy of World of Warcraft on his computer. I kid you not.

Cute Tuesday Boy, don't let me strike out.