Sober in Milwaukee: Jazz Fest

Christmas Lights in the Trees
Christmas Lights in the Trees | Flickr

Two truths and a lie: This is a picture of Christmas lights on trees. I was drunk when I took this picture. I was dancing when I took this picture.

Some of you may recall that I went to Chicago's annual jazz fest last year in August. (Pictures here. I apparently didn't think to blog about it.) It was exactly what I imagined heaven would be like. Blue skies, warm weather, a soft breeze, and great jazz music... all within walking distance of coffee and Chicago pizza and ice cream. Honestly, what more could a girl want?

I had an equally great time going to the Dave Brubeck concert at Ravinia a few months ago, so I was really excited to attend Milwaukee's jazz fest with my family on our first night in town. Now, because things in MIlwaukee were determined to be strange, the evening was full of some legitimately frustrating moments. But! None of that mattered because I got to listen to jazz under the stars, surrounded by happy people and my new best friends:

P.S. Sorry for the short clip. My camera died when this video ended. That's what I get for taking non-stop pictures on the boat tour.