Sober in Milwaukee: Preston

People Having a Good Time
People Having a Good Time | Flickr

I'd tell you the whole long story about how we wound up waiting for these seats for almost an hour because 200+ cheerleaders from the University of Kentucky were stopping by for dinner before their cheer camp, but I really don't want to relive those memories. All you need to know is that we ate at this restaurant. It's called Fratellos. Our crazy boat captain recommended it during our tour. (He also insisted on blowing the ship's horn both times we passed it in hopes of getting the patrons to wave at him. Yay, waving people!)

Anyway, the food was good. Eating outside with the sun setting on the (admittedly rather gross) river was great. Our waiter was named Preston, and I'm pretty sure he was rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses the entire evening. I bet that would have been funny if we were drunk.