Sober in Milwaukee: Summer Vacation 2008

Travelocity's New Mascot
Travelocity's New Mascot | Flickr

This was the first picture I took after piling in the van with my family as we pulled out of our driveway one week ago. I'm not generally very awake on Saturday mornings, but I was pretty excited about our planned weekend getaway. Milwaukee isn't the most exotic location for a vacation, but we just needed to get far enough away to forget about all the stress and drama of home life and work life and (yes, it's true) internet life.

I accumulated well over 1,000 pictures over the course of four days, so I'm going to be telling little stories about a few of them over the next week in my final attempt to catch up on all this blogging nonsense.

P.S. Juan Pedro was very excited to be a part of this adventure. He has missed being in the spotlight. No, scratch that. He has missed you.