Taking the A Train


A few weeks ago, I talked myself into getting a Foursquare account. I've been putting it off for ages because I don't want people knowing where I work or where I live, and as sad as it is, those are the only two places I go. Rather, those are the only two places I thought I went. But 2011 has been a bit of a weird year on the introvert front; I've moved from the "so introverted I'm going to most certainly die alone in my robe after running out of things to watch on Netflix" stage to the "maybe I can share some of these Netflix marathons with other human beings" stage. You still won't catch me at a nightclub (unless I have it on good authority that I'll bump into Elijah Wood there), but I'm finding a decent number of places to "check in" to with Foursquare.

Just Friday, I wound up in downtown Chicago with no agenda and nothing to slow me down. I was originally in the area with three of my coworkers for a Photoshop training seminar[1], but when we got to the venue at 8:30 a.m., we were told that the event had been cancelled. After an hour of chatting in the lobby, I walked back with my three little ducklings and put them on the train back home. Since my work for the week was already done, I called the office to let them know what was happening and then took off for the Art Institute[2].

After a few good hours there—discovering new corners with new exhibits—I got to enjoy a burger from one of my favorite restaurants, Eleven City Diner, and then a quick stop at Barnes & Noble for a book to read in the gardens adjoining the Art Institute. There were even ducks in the fountain. It was a downright enchanting day, full of creative inspiration and great food and good exercise and tolerable weather.

But wait! That's not all! Call now, and we'll send you this free CTA transit card and directions to gRegor's apartment, a.k.a. the "Lady Lounge"! Just kidding. No directions for you. However, I got to stop by the Lady Lounge and say hello to both gRegor and Quesadilla the Qat (friend of Tippington the Tiger, pictured below). I also got to experience Ribfest Chicago with gRegor. Our tummies enjoyed the Pitchfork ribs, some maple bacon doughnut holes, and some sort of bacon empanada. Oh, and the free drinks from Chiquita were surprisingly good. (Yes, you were good, too, ice cream from CVS.) I sort of collapsed after that and an episode of Pushing Daisies, though. A girl can only handle so much fun in one day.

I don't know how much longer I'll keep Foursquare, since it still makes me a little uncomfortable, but I'm certainly glad that it encourages adventures and allows me to feel twice as good about leaving the house. Of course, when someone comes up with an app that gives points for time spent sleeping, y'all can kiss me[3] and this blog farewell.

1 The church owns four licenses for Photoshop (two CS3 and two CS5), and I'm the only person using the software. I might have done some squawking on the topic, and the higher-ups might have decided to pay to get the rest of the gals trained. I was tagging along to learn how to be a better teacher of Photoshop.
2 Remind me later to write about how much I'm loving my membership there.
3 On the cheek, boys. On the cheek.