Team Best Friends


The old saying mentions something about picking friends and something about picking noses. I could easily look up the exact quote, but I'd rather just tell you that I am blessed with some awesome friends who have awesome noses.

Best Surprise Ever
Best Surprise Ever | Flickr

Behold! Here sit three boys who drove one thousand miles from Longview, TX, to Skirtsville, IL, to play Mario Kart with me in a park. If that doesn't rock your socks, then I want nothing to do with your friendship or your nose.

A good amount of time was also spent playing Mario Party 7, watching Terminator DVDs and old Disney movies on VHS, burping in each others' faces, and talking about cartoons and dragons. A fourth friend drove out from Ohio to spend the first part of the week with us, which led to bowling and friendship bracelets and the formation of Team Best Friends.

Team Best Friends
Team Best Friends | Flickr

There might have also been drinks at the top of the Hancock Center on St. Patrick's Day, but nobody can say for sure. All I know is that I would probably give up my own nose just to spend time with these boys, who definitely rank among the world's best friends . . . even if they do sometimes wipe their boogers on my sleeve.