Team Memedroids 3: White Tiger


Have I ever introduced you to Scrangie before? If not, I should be flogged. She is amazing. You need to follow that link and read her beauty blog and be in awe of the fact that someone so gorgeous can also be so funny and knowledgable and freaking awesome. She could also probably kill you if she wanted to with some bad-ass sword, either in real life or in a video game. These are just a few of the reasons that I am totally thrilled to have been tagged by her for a survey / meme / whatever the kids are calling them these days. Go ahead and read this if you want, but promise me you'll go say hi to Scrangie when you're done.

What were you doing ten years ago?

My mom worked for our church and my school, which shared a building. She often took my brother and I to work with her during the summer, where we would hang out with the children of her coworkers. James and Katie and Caitlin and I would spend our time singing or acting or talking or watching movies, while my brother and Phillip would run around the hallways shouting Pokemon names and yelling "pew pew!" Good times were had by all.

What are five things on your to-do list today?

  1. Clean my room
  2. Launder my clothes
  3. Research Betta fish to make sure I don't kill mine
  4. Polish up my writing, since my junior high English teacher may or may not be stopping by my blog in the near future
  5. Stay in my pajamas for as long as humanly possible

Places you've lived?

  • Lake Villa, IL
  • [Current Residence], IL
  • Longview, TX (for college, so it was more like a long vacation than a permanent residence)

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

  1. Buy a car
  2. Bribe Elijah Wood to be my husband
  3. Give a really good chunk of the money to my church (as I smile and turn in my two-weeks notice)
  4. Purchase a mansion in which I could house all my favorite people (celebrities, bloggers, friends, family . . . you'd come live in a mansion with me, right?)
  5. Buy a white tiger as a pet

People you want to know more about?

Most anyone who has stories to tell. People are fascinating. (At the same time, they can be really boring, too, which is probably why I love blogging so much. Don't like a story? Skip it! Not interested in what the person has to say? Don't read the blog! It's perfect.)

I'm supposed to tag people for this, but I'm lazy. If you'd like to tell people I tagged you, go ahead. I'll even edit the entry to make it look that way. But first, go read