The Best Part of Growing Up . . .


. . . has nothing to do with Folgers in your cup. Although, I must say that I feel very grown up when I get to work in the morning and pour myself a nice, big cup of coffee to drink at my very own desk in my very own shared-with-the-best-roomie-ever office.

But I'd say that the best part of growing up is realizing that you are still free to be yourself. I don't have to stop watching Samurai Jack just because I'm older than the target market. I don't have to stop watching SpongeBob SquarePants, either. I am free to choose between a disgusting beer or a really awesome glass of chocolate milk, and nobody can stop me from choosing the chocolate milk every damn time. I can spend my mornings acing my microeconomics test or creating a mind-blowing brochure at work, but I am free to come home in the evenings and read a book by flashlight under the covers or play online battleship with my friend in Iraq.

Looking over what I've written so far, it looks like the best part of growing up is that I haven't had to grow up at all, and maybe that is the case. However, that's a choice that I was allowed to make, and damn does it feel good to have that right.