The Year of the Basketball


Today, I turn twenty-three years old. That might just be my second-favorite number, right behind sweet sixteen. Of course, I always associate twenty-three with Michael Jordan, so I've dubbed this entry and the next 365 days "the year of the basketball." Hopefully, that doesn't actually mean anything, as I haven't been within ten feet of a basketball since my days as a cheerleader.

Anyway, what's a good birthday without a good list? Not very good at all, precious. So here are twenty-three highlights from the last year as captured at

  1. I became an old lady. »
  2. I started working at my church. »
  3. My mom and I started our "Friday night date" tradition, which entails eating Panera for dinner and watching either Gilmore Girls or What Not to Wear and scarfing down a pint of ice cream. »
  4. I fell in love with Panera Kyle. »
  5. I noticed that most of my personality was shaped by Calvin and Hobbes. (Note: This entry is by far the most popular thing ever posted on my site, due entirely to the fact that I mentioned Bill Watterson in the title. Notice that the last comment on there was by a lady who wanted me to give her and her son Bill Watterson's contact information. No way! I kidnapped him first!) »
  6. I posted a really scary picture of my face, which later became the profile picture on this site. »
  7. I was an extra for a commercial. »
  8. I adopted a sock monkey. »
  9. I went to therapy and hated it. »
  10. I fell in love with Cute Tuesday Boy. »
  11. You named my sock monkey Juan Pedro. »
  12. I took my mom to see Wicked. »
  13. My brother and I celebrated a "snow day" by making snow goons on the porch. »
  14. I did not shave my legs for a month. »
  15. I played N64 with Juan Pedro. »
  16. I posted my first (and only, so far) video blog entry. »
  17. I bought a bazillion books at the library, many of which you recommended. »
  18. I shared with you just how awesome my dad can be. »
  19. I saw Dave Brubeck in concert. »
  20. You named my fish Timmy Venture. »
  21. I started waking up at 5:30 a.m. just to catch the sunrise. »
  22. I went on a crazy road trip to Milwaukee with my family, which I still haven't finished writing about. »
  23. I realized that this "getting older" thing wasn't so bad after all. Not yet, anyway. »