The brownies were pretty gosh dang delicious, too.


In case I don't actually learn something new every day, here are some things I learned yesterday:

  • Venture Bros. is an absolutely brilliant show. It took a few episodes for me to begin to fully appreciate the humor, but once Dean screeched, "I dare you to make less sense!" at Hank, I was hooked. Also the little quip where Dean asks, "So what??" and Hank replies, "Sew buttons! This is important!" or something like that... Yeah, that was pretty awesome.
  • I could possibly maybe probably stop complaining about my iPod not turning on. At least I have one, unlike the much-loved Heather from, whose iPod recently got stolen from her car. I'll just keep staring at mine through the wee hours of the night, hoping that all the computers in this house will stop treating it like a leper and actually recognize its existence. Hey, charging its battery would be cool, too.
  • Mae is playing for free in Millennium Park tonight. If I hadn't pissed off every last friend I had in the area, I could be going to see them. Then again, maybe I could bribe my brother. Or better yet, one of his friends.
  • Making brownies for mi madre will not offset the fact that I forgot to turn on the home's exterior lights after dusk. All those bad robber people had to stumble around in the dark tonight. She seemed pretty pissed about that.
  • Writing letters to my internal organs does not seem to be an effective way to get rid of abdominal pain.
  • Résumés seem to be more effective when actually submitted to companies. My current practice of leaving them on my desk doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. There are some suspicious Oreo crumbs on all of them, though. I'm blaming the iPod.

Really, though, if anyone wants to hang out tomorrow night in Millennium Park to see Mae, umm, I'm taking applications via the comment section. Or via email. Or just show up at my house. My mom made sure to turn the lights on for you.