If I get this job, I am so paying to turn on the air conditioning.


Hallelujah, praise the Lord! When I finally stumbled out of bed yesterday and made my way downstairs for chocolate and other sustenance, I discovered a voice message waiting for me on the answering machine. Someone wants to interview me!! For a job!! A real, full-time, more than $8/hr job!!

Of course, in my fantasy world, I would have received this message at the end of a long and productive day of community service, socializing, shopping, and some extra volunteer work at an orphanage. I would have been wearing a clean-cut, summery, beautiful (if not somewhat besmudged from all the hard work) dress, which would have complimented so nicely my dainty heels and my simple but classy hair and make-up.

Instead, as I stated before, I had just fallen out of bed recently, on the verge of drowning in my own sweat due to the late-afternoon sun beating through my window and heating my already-too-hot down comforter. I hadn't even so much as showered or done my hair, so I was looking pretty much like a zombie in pajamas when I pressed the "play" button on the answering machine.

On the plus side, this man still wants to interview me. Also, I had a follow-up dream to one I had a week ago in which I actually contacted and met Elijah Wood. So in this fantasy world of mine, not only do I care deeply about puppies and babies and flowers and fashion, but I also am smooth enough to convince Mr. Wood to be my friend. After one phone call. Now, it's just time to make these dreams come true. I think I'll start with a shower.