The Inevitable Twitter Entry


I've mentioned Twitter quite a bit in passing, but I never really stopped to explain why I use it or, for that matter, why you should use it, too.

Basically, it's considered one of the top "micro-blogging" sites around. You get 140 characters to say what you're doing or thinking or whatever, and you can update from your phone, your IM client, the web, or other magical computer tools. (I am personally almost always near a computer, so 99% of my updates come directly from the web.)

While it can be as extremely boring as a regular blog—some people don't bother editing their thoughts, and you wind up with these "i'm on my way to eat girlled cheaz!" posts—it can also be a source of some of the funniest quips ever. You can actually read all of my favorites with the help of fairy dust, or you can read the few I'm about to share.

  • The upstairs neighbors are playing hopscotch on the hardwood, using cast-iron skillets as skip stones. (from @maggie)
  • If I die today, I want an Oregon-Trail style tombstone that reads, "Belinda Has Died of Dysentery." (from @ninjapoodles)
  • Yes, *this* is why we got a fancy-schmancy double oven set-up; so we can make tator-tot and "fake" chicken nuggets at the same time. Gourmet. (from @zuhl)
  • Today's I Don't Know You But I Think I Hate You Award goes to the guy just STANDING on the treadmill watching Law & Order. For 28 minutes. (from @gordonshumway)

According to Favotter, some people even think I'm funny once in a while. Behold...

  • Picking little styrofoam turds out of my drink. Arguing the pronunciation of "Mishkeegogamang." Life of the rich and the famous right here.
  • Making a church document - Step 1: Resize all your clip-art without locking the aspect ratio. Step 2: Use only Papyrus, Comic Sans, and TNR.
  • Church Publications Rule #2947: Do not use the word "interactive" when describing a marriage enrichment class.
  • Oh FUN. Student loan calculator: "To support repayment of the debt, you should earn at least: $132.78 Hourly." Looks like I'm marrying rich.

So there you have it. Fun times. If you aren't already using Twitter, you should. You'll find funny new people, great new blogs, and a new appreciation for conciseness. You are more than welcome to follow my tweets, if you so desire. I don't guarantee that they'll be funny or clever, but I sure as heck won't ever tell you I'm on my way to eat grilled cheese unless I'm going to be sharing my food with Elijah Wood.