The Lullaby League vs. The Lollipop Guild


Things I Hate About This Week:

  • Catching a cold from all of my beloved Clubber boys.
  • Being unable to laugh without my lungs deciding they need to be coughed up for show and tell.
  • One-ply toilet paper. Seriously, is this the best you can do with my $20k+ a year, oh school of mine?
  • My milk expiring, leaving me unable to properly consume my Fruit Loops (which I refuse to spell as Froot Loops).

Things I Love About This Week:

  • Obtaining the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz and listening to munchkins day after day.
  • Watching both Fight Club and Casino Royale for the first time.
  • Being the only person to write on my brother's Facebook wall for the second week in a row.
  • Talking to my mother for an hour and a half on her birthday.
  • Realizing that Spring Break is now less than two weeks away.
  • Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles.
  • Did I mention munchkins yet?