Trying to Find the Bright Side


Things that are currently driving me bonkers:

  • The sound of my father chomping on carrots down the hall.
  • Blogs which fail to embrace proper capitalization.
  • This stupid felt nub that is supposed to function as a mouse on the ancient craptop I have stolen from my father.
  • Not having access to my own computer because it is being reformatted.
  • The buzzing noise made by the same fly that woke me up this morning.
  • Being suckered into thinking that the clear blue sky and brilliant sun were indicators of warmer weather.
  • How much I suck at playing guitar.

Things that almost make me forget how cranky I am:

  • Not being attacked at church this morning by people wanting to point out the weird formatting error I missed.
  • Getting a new 500GB hard drive from Office Depot for the same price as the 250GB one, which they no longer had in stock.
  • Boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  • Freshly painted toenails.
  • Poking my snoring cat and watching her groggy little eyes adjust to the sunlight.
  • Setting aside time to read for the fun of it.
  • Kicking ass at Minesweeper, even with a stupid little nubby mouse substitute.