Where Chocolate, Sock Monkeys, and American Idol Collide

Sock Monkey Pin
Sock Monkey Pin | Flickr

Jace of Fuse! sent me a package last week because, well, he's apparently wicked cool like that. Inside, I found a bunch of chocolate coins and the most perfect pin ever created. Juan Pedro is modeling it in the above picture by wearing my somewhat dirty-looking coat. The pin says "Got Chocolate?" and features a sock monkey with chocolate-covered lips. It's too awesome for most of the internet to handle, but I trust that y'all can fully appreciate the beauty.

(I often catch Juan Pedro making out with this pin. I don't blame him.)

In completely unrelated news, how lame is it that Danny got sent home from American Idol tonight? He has much prettier eyes than Chikezie. (Shut up. I know the competition has nothing to do with eyes.) I just really don't like Chikezie for some reason. Danny was so cute and weepy when his friends got booted, and Chikezie was all, "I have weird eyes!" And David Hernandez was all, "You will always remember me for the booger interview! I now seem to have an imaginary booger in my nose all the time! Also, I look like Skeeter, from Doug!"

. . . The end.