You've Got a Friend in Me


Tomorrow, I'm meeting my two elementary school best friends for lunch. Tami and I will be wearing our Best Friends Forever necklaces. Sarah would be wearing hers, but she apparently doesn't have it anymore. I hope there's a really good explanation for that. "I'm not a pack rat?" just won't cut it this time. After all, without her necklace, we're just Friends Forever.

What might make the event an even crazier whirlwind of childhood nostalgia? Meeting at the restaurant where our friend Andrea works now. The four of us—Sarah, Tami, Andrea, Rachel—made up the STAR Club, which had an official newsletter and everything. Guess which dork published that?


So anyway, I'm hoping to be able to bring you some awesome before-and-after pictures tomorrow. Meanwhile, go check out the sites of the last ten bloggers to comment here:

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P.S. I love that the womenfolk all sign their comments with their first names, but the boys are all like, "We are unique! Look! Nicknames and crazy capitalization! Watch out ...ladies."