Free Advice: Writing a Book on Productivity


Dear helpful author people,

So you're writing a book on productivity, and you decide that you want the reader to make a list—goals for the year, biggest tasks that haven't been completed, top ten regrets, etc. You plan to use that list somehow to teach the reader a pertinent and relevant lesson, and hey wow, that is totally okay with me. I like participating, and I like learning. That is, in fact, why I buy books about productivity. For the love of all things holy, then, please do not make the very next sentence, "Now throw that list away." If anything in the world makes me feel the opposite of productive, it is doing a thing that I then must immediately undo.

Stop including that one horrible thing, and your life as a writer will be totally great and successful and rain down money all day and all night. I promise.

Hugs and kittens,