Spicing Up My Biography

Fall Creek Falls
Fall Creek Falls | Flickr

Every few weeks, I find myself doing something extra frivolous in my free time and stop to think how pathetic it will sound in my biography. "There really isn't much to say about January 2013. Rachel spent every waking hour alone, camped out by a virtual pool in World of Warcraft trying to catch a virtual fish for a virtual character whose achievements mean nothing in the real world." It's a harsh game I play with myself, and I rarely win.

I just don't want to get to my 80th birthday party and think, What have I been doing? It's too easy for me to flip on the cruise control and just coast through my responsibilities and routines without thinking about the connections or experiences I'm missing or destroying. I want to be intentional about saying "yes" to the right people and things, and putting them in the perspective of a non-existent biography is how I remind myself that beating the next level of Candy Crush is not what I want to be remembered for.

Looking through my summer photographs and ticket stubs, I see a lot of good progress. I've spent more time with friends and family, visiting waterfalls in Tennessee and getting lost in corn mazes and bonding over My Little Pony marathons. (Let's not forget my amazing performance in Dragon Age: Origins, working with my brother to bring Skirts the mage and Alistair together in a virtual love that will forever alter history.) Just last weekend, I marked two things off of my bucket list with the help of my lovely cousins, Jenna and Sandra.

Related note: macarons are even more delicious than I expected.

There is no fabulous conclusion or rally cry or royal decree here. I just want to take a moment to note that I'm proud of myself for a few choices and see room for improvement in others. I hope I can continue to be honest with myself about what my priorities are. And maybe eating a few more macarons will help me recognize my successes and my failures along the way, right?