I Less Than Three Sock Monkeys


A few months ago, I bought a sock monkey from Cracker Barrel. On the two days I've made my bed since then, he has been lovingly placed upon it. This is quite an honor for a stuffed animal. The only other animals allowed up there right now are Teddy (a Build-a-Bear creation) and the white bunny rabbit I've had since I was born.

Anyway, tonight, I went to Target for the sole purpose of buying shampoo. Of course, I wound up buying a whole buttload of stuff before I even got near the shampoo aisle, but give me a break. It's like two degrees outside, and I don't ever want to leave my house again. I needed to stock up. Plus, did you seriously expect me to say no to sock monkey slippers??

Target Does MANY Things Well | Flickr

And yeah, you knew this picture was coming. Don't even act surprised.

Inevitable | Flickr

My weekend just took a turn for the awesome. Thanks, Target!