Yeah, these boys are so cool that they make Wal*mart fun.


I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Texas right now. I leave Thursday night to spend almost a week with my lovely boys, which means that, as the week progresses, I will lose my ability to focus on ANYTHING ELSE. Wait, what? The house is on fire? Who cares! I get to visit my boys!! And hang out at Wal*mart!! And eat at Burger King!! And wear deodorant!! And watch Samurai Jack!!

If you're lucky, we might even start another band.

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This will be a major improvement over years past. The following was the most riveting part of my day back on November 5, 2002:

Sigh, I burnt my tongue on hot chocolate about an hour ago, but it still feels funny. And it will feel funny tomorrow too. I HATE BURNT TASTE BUDS!!! Have you ever looked at your tongue after you burnt it? Your taste buds look weird. Remember to look next time you stupidly drink hot liquids too fast.

And in 2006? I watched The Skeleton Key and apparently liked it.

[The Skeleton Key is] one of those flicks during which you find yourself screaming at the main character to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT DAMN DOOR, YOU FOOLISH WOMAN, but that's half the fun.

I would still much rather watch Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, though. That movie got played almost weekly last year, as my roommate and I used it as our motivation to "get thin!" while chowing down on tubs of frosting. Frosting that I bought at Wal*mart! With my boys! The ones I get to see soon! ZOMG!