Rule 4: More Booze (Just Kidding)


For the past few years, I've made an annual tradition of writing a letter at the end of the year and a letter at the beginning of the year. I lay out some ground rules, telling the year exactly what I expect of it. Then, I review how well the year did at sticking to these rules. Here's what I wrote on January 1, 2007, back when I was still splitting my time between LiveJournal and Diaryland and poking this site with a stick.

Dearest 2007,

It is time to lay down some ground rules regarding how this year should go. Please pay better attention than 2006 did to these rules. Thank you in advance.

Rule #1: When I asked 2006 for zero Hell Weeks, it gave me two. Therefore, I'd like to establish a maximum of one Hell Week per year. I think that's reasonable.

Rule #2: Feel free to rock my socks off as often as you like. I'll say nice things about you in my blog when you do.

Rule #3: Take care of my friends and family. (Hint: My uncle could seriously use a break from the awfulness.)

I'm not going to make a rule this year about motivation and success because I'll be taking the responsibility for those this year. (Gasp! Don't let the maturity knock you out of your chair. Especially you, dear Lauwen, Mistress of Falling Out of Chairs.)

Really, I don't ask for too much, 2007. I'm even making things a bit easier by starting out the year with a no-boys semester, so you won't have to worry about finding me a boyfriend or anything complicated. Unless you cut off my supply of LOTR, pirates, chocolate, or pizza, I think you have a 100% chance of success in this venture.

God bless, my sweet 2007, and best wishes to all those who will be enduring it with me.

Later today, I'll be writing my second letter to 2007 to review how well it did. Stay tuned.