This Post Made Possible by Sparkling White Grape Juice


Farewell, dear 2007.

You and I had some good times together. We got flowers on Valentine's Day for the first time ever. We learned not to put yogurt in a drain to clear a clog. We also learned what a horrible and vile and disgusting little nuisance a cockroach can be. We got to watch one of the coolest people on the planet get married to another ridiculously cool human being. We went to a family reunion — where we got to hang out with wicked cool cousins — right before going to the BlogHer Conference here in Chicago. We learned that there are few things more entertaining than my brother dressed up like Harry Potter as part of his job at a bookstore. We celebrated my 22nd birthday by going to Jazz Fest and accidentally turning into an 82-year-old woman. We fell in love with some random guy from Panera who has never shown his face again. We rediscovered the awesomeness of MSPaint shortly before scaring the pants off of people with my growly face in the midst of NaBloPoMo. We found out that posting every day leads to insanity, which in turn leads to therapy.

All in all, I'd say I enjoyed sharing my life with you, 2007. You weren't the best of years, but you were better than 2006 in many regards. You did a much better job sticking to the rules I gave you on New Year's Day. You only gave me one Hell Week, you rocked my socks more times than I can count, and you certainly were super nice to my family and friends (for the most part).

Well done, 2007. I will think of you fondly. Best wishes as you make your way toward the history books.

Much love,