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Now that I'm done being a pansy about NaBloPoMo, I can move on to the real entry for the night.

It turns out that I wrote almost identical entries on the 4th of November in 2003 and 2006. Both focused on whining about the weather and procrastinating on an essay. (Booorring.) Hopefully, it wasn't the same essay. I almost got killed in 2003 because some stupid guy crossed a busy intersection with a toolbox and dropped all his tools in the road, stopping to pick them up. That caused a sweet traffic jam that left me and my car in a prime spot to get obliterated. Thankfully, God had other plans in mind.

I'm assuming, however, that those plans did not include what happened on November 4, 2006, when I mustered up a handful of maturity and got revenge on my friends who had ditched me three nights in a row.

[I] went out to Wingstop at eleven [with some of the other guys], leaving the parking lot just as Boy and Pimp and Pants got back on campus. [Pants] called me up, asking, "Where are you? What's that noise in the background? Who are you with?"

I quite simply responded, "Y'all ditched me for the third time tonight, so it's my turn to ditch you. I'm on my way to a secret location with a bunch of cool people. Bye!"

Clever, I know. Ironically, I just helped a friend navigate to a Wingstop location out in California (via my new Rachelmaps service), and I'm pretty sure he was one of the people who was around to hear that awesome "Revenge is mine!" speech.

In fact, he could probably attest to the fact that this is really close to the face I was making all night long.

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Sweet, right? If you need any more proof of why you should be my BFF, check out Tyler's list of things I've made him do in the few months we've known each other. I'll be sitting right here being impressed with myself if you need me. Feel free to interrupt if you get the sudden urge to French braid my hair or make friendship bracelets together or have a slumber party.